premiere destination for all things Korean beauty
West Coast Partners is the premiere destination for all things Korean beauty.

We boast a comprehensive catalog of products that are unmatched in quality and affordability.

Our partnerships with the most reputable manufacturers in Korea ensure that our clients receive only the best products available on the market.

We are committed to raising awareness about the benefits of using Korean made products, and we look forward to helping our clients grow their businesses exponentially.


OEM & ODM Services

West Coast Partners | Premiere Destination for Korean Beauty!

WCP provides OEM/ODM services for clients that require Private Label products manufactured in Korea

West Coast Partners | Premiere Destination for Korean Beauty!

Our 7 step OEM process results in a Quality Controlled product that meets the client’s branding requirements

West Coast Partners | Premiere Destination for Korean Beauty!

Our full ODM service features 2 additional steps that incorporates product planning & branding


I have used WCP for years now and built a good relationship with them. Beyond loyal and service is on another level.

One of the standout features of this company is their commitment to providing the best prices. They understand the importance of affordability and offer competitive pricing that makes their products accessible to a wide range of customers.
When it comes to distribution, this company knows the importance of timely delivery. They prioritize efficient shipping, ensuring that orders are processed quickly and reach their destination in a timely manner.

I am beyond grateful for my distributor West Coast Partners, I have even visited them in their head quarter in Seoul, South Korea. Amazing team. Thank you! Looking forward for many more years to come.

Dashne Ahmed, Australia

I am most happy with the services of West Coast Partners. They are most reliant, trustworthy company and very willing to answer any enquiries.

I hope to continue with their services indefinitely.. Thank you so much. Divine Tree Health company

Elaine Chin, Brunei

I have developed a strong sense of trust in this salesman over time. His consistent reliability, honest communication, and genuine dedication to meeting my needs have solidified my confidence in him.

Through numerous transactions and interactions, he has consistently demonstrated integrity and competency, leaving me with no hesitation in placing my trust in his recommendations and expertise. With him, I feel reassured and confident in the decisions we make together, knowing that he has my best interests at heart

Salah Hussein, Sweden

They are the reliable and fast. Attends to concerns and customer feedbacks. Communicates well: The best korean supplier you will ever encounter.

Grow your business with West Coast Partners like i did!

Cristina, Philippines

Best supplier!
I’ve been ordering from WCP over 4 years and never had a problem. Allows fast communication and shipping. They are great.

DM Beauty Clinic, Sweden

I highly recommend WCP for consistently delivering top-notch products. Their reliability, excellent communication, and attention to detail have made them an invaluable partner.

Five stars all the way!

Elodie Benavente, UK

The staff are very responsive and attentive. The shipments are packed nicely and delivered safely to the destination.

Maria, Indonesia

West Coast Partners is trustworthy and their products are great quality, efficient and definitely worth it.

They also execute fast and secure delivery.

Surely recommended.

Manilyn Diaz, USA

Excellent and reliable supplier - always responsive, generous and flexible.

I look forward to our continued co-operation!

Rachel, UK